Arthur Beale


Summing up 500 years of sailing and adventuring expertise in three words. Historic chandlery company Arthur Beale underwent a rebrand in 2021, and I was brought on board to write their new slogan.

Arthur Beale has had a rocky time during the pandemic, with their historic central London shop closing its doors and ending their 500-year long run in the capital. However, behind the scenes, a rebrand was taking place to bring the yacht chandlery company, which has supplied equipment to the famous Ernest Shackleton for his Mount Everest expeditions among many others, into the modern world. However, it was vital that Arthur Beale’s rich heritage and unbeatable expertise came through in all of their copy.


For the slogan, this meant workshopping ideas that talked of life at sea, taking on life’s adventures, and embracing the thrill of the open water.


With the heritage of the brand widely recognised, the route that was chosen for the final rebrand spoke less about what Arthur Beale could offer, but when all of their 500-year history, expert knowledge, and passion for the ocean would come into play. That was, of course, for every adventure; that is, for every adventure that has gone before, and every adventure that is yet to come.