Lois has fingers in a number of pies both professionally and, on good days, literally.

Lois has turned her lifelong love of language into a career that has seen her write for design agencies, leading medical health websites, renowned retail firms, theatre criticism publications, historic London livery companies, industry-leading events companies, films, plays, musicals, and more. She’s even voiced an owl for an advert broadcast in New York, but we won’t go into that.


Lois prides herself on her intuitive style of writing that uses visual language techniques to craft meaningful, effective messaging across any platform, be it social media, websites, long-form articles, straplines, marketing copy, or internal communications for employees, stakeholders, and more. Pairing this with a love for thorough research, she is always quick to understand the brief, excited to get to work, and flexible throughout all the twists and turns a project can bring.

By working with Lois, you’ll get a dedicated, creative, and above all knowledgeable writer who can turn her skills to almost any industry or topic – although particle physics might be a push.


When Lois is away from the office, she enjoys photography, theatregoing, et learning le français.

Lois has worked with:

Medical News Today


City Girl Network

The Argus

Broadway Baby

Studio Noel



New Writing South

Cammad Academic Editing

Lois’ plays have been performed at:

Brighton Theatre Royal
OSO Arts Centre
Ye Olde Rose and Crown Theatre